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Fleet and Fuel Management System uses non-contact measurement of ultrasonic sensor technology to measure the height of fuel level in tank ,and get the output signal from ultrasonic transducer directly without extra processing box.
It could be widely used in various types of vehicles for fuel measuring and monitoring, also could be combined with GPS/GPRS communication technology, through the computer software management platform to achieve scientific management vehicles, prevent fuel theft behavior and save the vehicle operating cost.

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  • Good stability. It uses the newest ultrasonic non-contact technology, compare with the traditional measuring method of direct contact, float-type ,pressure-type ,magnetic system of sliding, it does not contact with fuel level directly ,could be sure its stability and long-life.
  • Simple application. When we designed this product before, we had taken into account to butt joint with all kinds of communication product data. When you choose it you could find it could be directly combined with the common GPS/GPRS transmission module thus to reduce the secondary development of users’ and to achieve the correct and manage the height of liquid level
  • Fleet and Fuel Management System usage monitoring by using Mobile and web application via internet